Rose City on May 3, 2015 – Tournament Information

Thanks for the great turnout at Quail Valley and good shooting Kei and Kevin C.!

Please sign up by Friday by contacting Kevan Inouye if you can play.

What: Regular golf tournament
When: Sunday May 3 @ 930am
Where: Rose City

Tee Times and pairings:

9:30   K.Campbell/W.Hachiya/D.Matsuda/-OPEN-

9:38   C.Kiyokawa/P.Kiyokawa/E.Tamiyasu/E.Kajitsu

9:46   C.Mayeda/Nakashima/J.Yoshida/Kawika

9:54   K.Hanson/J.Sullivan/K.Inouye/Nozaki

10:02  H.Kawashima/S.Kato/B.Kasai/S.Irinaga

10:10  C.Kato/K.Ishida/S.Sumida/T.Sawabe

10:18  J.Ollerenshaw/T.Fujii/R.Munekiyo/M.Lee



George Hoashi hit his first hole-in-one on February 17, 2011.  He hit a 6 hybrid from 134 yards on the 2nd hole at Stone Creek GC.  It was so much fun George decided to hit another one on April 20, 2011 at Rose City using a 4 wood from 167 yards on the 12th hole.  Good job George!

Fred Kimura also hit a hole-in-one at Persimmon recently.  Freddy used a 9 wood from 166 yards on hole 12.  Congratulations Freddy!