ONGC Glendoveer East

ONGC Members:

What: Regular stroke play
Where: Glendoveer East
When: This Sunday @ 10:07am
How much: $39 + pot

Sign up by Friday if you can play.

NW NIKKEI ONTARIO: Ontario said to not worry about the registration deadline. Please just come to play even if you are late. They are excited to host a hopefully large group of golfers. I gave them a basic headcount of people I have spoken to.

The Sat evening BBQ in Vale will be held at a 9 hole country course that we will basically have to ourselves. There will be a horse race (or similar) depending on attendance. The separate 9 hole tournament is really for older players, beginners, or people who can’t play 18 holes. This is the information I got from Russ Murata last weekend.

Current players:

1. K. Inouye


ONGC Rose City

Come on gents – It’s going to be a great day for golf and we will be teeing off fairly early so should beat the worst of the heat.


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Subject: ONGC Rose City

ONGC Members:

Next up is Rose City ($38) at 9am this Sunday. Please sign up by Friday if you are able to play!



ONGC Forest Hills

ONGC Members:

Next up is our Consul General trophy tournament to be held at Forest Hills. We have not played this beautiful country golf course in recent memory, if ever. Please sign up by this Friday.

What: Consul General tournament
Where: Forest Hills GC
When: This Sunday July 23 @ 9am
$42 walking + pot money

Current players:

1. Herbie the love bug

83rd NW Nikkei in Ontario

ONGC Members:

RE: NW Nikkei

I have contacted Kerry Iseri and received the entry form for the 83rd annual NW Nikkei Invitational. Sadly this will be the last time Ontario (my home) will host this event. They are known for having great food and hospitality. Scotch Pines GC is the same course we played last time around. Please consider supporting the Snake River Valley Nisei by attending this year. You will be rewarded with some wonderful small town hospitality!

Here are some notes from Kerry Iseri:

The Clarion Inn is offering a special rate of $95 per night, plus

tax for a King or 2 Queens. That includes breakfast off the menu

at the adjacent Country Kitchen Restaurant. And, Russ Murata

will have a hospitality room Friday-Sunday nights at The Clarion


Their phone number is 541-889-8621. They will be holding the

rooms until August 7th, so call them prior to that date if you

want the special rate. The group name is under “Snake River

Nisei Golf Club”.

Walking – $24 per day

Cart – $12. per day

You can make tee times now for practice round – 208-642-1829.

Tell them you’re coming for the Northwest Nikkei tournament

and they should give you a tee time. If not, ask for the Pro,

Charlie, and he’ll get them straightened out—they usually

only take tee times a week in advance.

See attached entry form.

Best regards,

Kevan Inouye

NW Nikkei 2017 Entry Form – Men 7-7-17 (1).pdf