ONGC 2 man scramble

ONGC Members:

We did not really get much rain at 3 Rivers!! Next outing is April 22 at Eastmoreland. We are playing a 2-man scramble. Partners must be within 10 strokes or we will adjust the higher handicap down. Single players will be paired up by handicap if possible.

When: April 22 @ 9:45am
Where: Eastmoreland
What: 2 man scramble

$39 walking rate.

See you all soon!




I’m in.


On Mon, Apr 2, 2018, 3:18 PM Kevan Inouye <kinouye2> wrote:

ONGC Members:

Greetings golf friends! Yet another golf season is upon us. This year we will be starting at the driest course in the NW. Please email or text me if you would like to play. Format is "make your own group". I will pair up single players.

I am starting a group for players with the shanks. Hopefully we can contain the situation before it becomes an epidemic.

When: April 8
Time: 10am
Where: Three Rivers GC (Kelso, WA)

Current players:

1) K. Inouye
2) K. Campbell
3) H. Kawashima
4) J. Yoshida
5) C. Mayeda

ONGC Glendoveer East

ONGC Members:

What: Regular stroke play
Where: Glendoveer East
When: This Sunday @ 10:07am
How much: $39 + pot

Sign up by Friday if you can play.

NW NIKKEI ONTARIO: Ontario said to not worry about the registration deadline. Please just come to play even if you are late. They are excited to host a hopefully large group of golfers. I gave them a basic headcount of people I have spoken to.

The Sat evening BBQ in Vale will be held at a 9 hole country course that we will basically have to ourselves. There will be a horse race (or similar) depending on attendance. The separate 9 hole tournament is really for older players, beginners, or people who can’t play 18 holes. This is the information I got from Russ Murata last weekend.

Current players:

1. K. Inouye

ONGC Forest Hills

ONGC Members:

Next up is our Consul General trophy tournament to be held at Forest Hills. We have not played this beautiful country golf course in recent memory, if ever. Please sign up by this Friday.

What: Consul General tournament
Where: Forest Hills GC
When: This Sunday July 23 @ 9am
$42 walking + pot money

Current players:

1. Herbie the love bug