About Us

The Oregon Nisei Golf Club is a social golf group of Japanese Americans founded in the 1940’s.  Many of the founding members were second generation (born in the US), which is what the term Nisei means. Currently, many of the members are in their 60’s-70’s and the club is growing with many third (sansei) and fourth (yonsei) generation Japanese Americans.   The Oregon Nisei Golf Association does not discriminate and accepts all races and genders into our clubs.  In addition to the regular men’s club we also have the Oregon Nisei Ladies and Nisei Seniors.

The Northwest Nikkei is comprised of 5 clubs from around the northwest including Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver BC, and Ontario Oregon. An annual Northwest Nikkei Invitational tournament is held each year around Labor Day.  This year marks the 80th tournament to be held in Spokane,WA on August 30-31, 2014.