ONGC Spring Handicap

Kevin, et al….Sorry it looks like my Cataract or my travel schedule will hold me up until after July 1st. My health is just fine. Since I am ready to play now, my travel schedule is taking precedence. Gerry & I are scheduled for Omaha after June 16th (G0 Beav’s!!!) and July involve’s more travel. But take care everyone…summer is coming…do great golf…Tom

On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 7:45 AM, Kevan Inouye <kinouye2> wrote:

ONGC Members:

Welcome new members Kelii Keohokalole and Jeff Christman. Please introduce yourself to the new guys!

Next tournament is the Spring Handicap. First round is at Heron Great Blue and second round is at Heron Greenback with banquet to follow at Bamboo Grove. Entry fee is $115 that includes both rounds of golf, prize fund, and your banquet. You are allowed to play a single round if you cannot participate in both. No carts or balls.

Please sign up by Friday if you can play. I hear there was a sign up sheet at Reserve. Please forward me the names.

When: Sunday June 4 @ 9:06am
Where: Heron Great Blue
What: Spring Handicap round 1

Current players:

1. K.Inouye
2. J.Yoshida
3. C.Mayeda


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