ONGC the Reserve

We Still have 3 spots open…Let me know by tomorrow if you want to play Sunday.

Check In Begins @ 8:00am and Closes at 8:30. Get there early and take advantage of The Reserve’s Practice Range and facilities.

No. Last First
1 Yoshida Jeff
2 Campbell Kevin
3 Kawashima Herb
4 Munekiyo Rich
5 Ishida Kei
6 Irinaga Stephen
7 Matsuda Don
8 Mayeda Craig
9 Christman Jeff
10 Carruthers Cary
11 Hachiya Wayne
12 Hansen Kermit
13 Guest Guest
14 Kiyokawa Cam
15 Kiyokawa Perry
16 Tamiyasu Ed
17 Kasai Bret

See Everyone Sunday!!!

From: Kevan Inouye []
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 7:42 AM
Subject: ONGC the Reserve

ONGC Members:

Please sign up by Wednesday if you can play. Herb will be taking care of the details. I will return next tournament!

The Reserve

Sunday May 21

Current players:

  1. J.Yoshida
  2. K.Campbell
  3. H.Kawashima
  4. R.Munekiyo
  5. K.Ishida
  6. S.Irinaga
  7. D.Matsuda
  8. C.Mayeda
  9. J.Christman

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