Broadmoor on 4/24 – Reschedule Info

Broadmoor recap:
Sorry for any inconvenience.  It was a very unfortunate situation as we had a full tournament.
Scott had put us down in his book, but he did not transfer our tournament booking to the tee sheet.  Thus we were not on their calendar and they double booked.  He says it’s his first booking error in 24 years for whatever that is worth.  100% Broadmoor’s error.  They will pay for our green fees and cart at the next outing.  Many of you received the gift certificate with free 18 holes including cart.
Re-schedule date:
April 24 @ 9:32am
We will play a 2 man scramble only if we get enough players.  It seems like many members will be unavailable on the 24th.  We will play it by ear.
Current players:
  1. K.Campbell
  2. H. Kawashima
  3. T.Fujii
  4. J. Ollerenshaw
  5. R.Munekiyo
  6. K.Ishida
  7. D.Matsuda
  8. W.Hachiya
  9. S.Irinaga
  10. S.Sumida
  11. M.Baker

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