Changes to ONGC Website

Hi all – With the hope of making the site easier to use and administer, I’ve made changes to the website in preparation for the 2015 season. Based on the site statistics, I consolidated some of the pages and made some other tweaks.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

  • Pages that used to be there and aren’t now (Results, NW Nikkei, Tournament info, etc.) can now be found under What’s New. What’s New will be a running chronological log of all the club’s activities. If you know what a blog is, it’s that.
  • Lots of tools have been added to the right hand sidebar, to help you find, filter, and get around. For example, you can search to see when Herb Kawashima had a double eagle or click on the tag, “Results,” to see the results of previous tournaments.
  • The 2015 Schedule page now uses Google Calendar, so you should be able to subscribe to these pretty easily using your mobile device or computer. (I’m not exactly sure how, but will post some instructions if folks are having trouble…)

Finally, a private Facebook group has been created for ONGC to make it easier for everyone to share pictures, videos, and trash talk. When things are posted on the website, a link will also be posted on the FB page.

Leave a comment below or on Facebook with any suggestions you have for improving the site. Of course, you can always contact me directly also.


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