2013 Welcome Message

To All Valued ONGC Members,

A brand new year is upon us and it might not feel like golf weather, but it is time to think about the upcoming season. It was an honor to serve you as President this year and I wish to thank the ONGC board for all the work and support. Going into 2013 Jeff Yoshida will be taking over the role – Woo Hoo.

This year’s annual banquet meeting will be held at Bamboo Grove on January 26, 2013 at 5pm for cocktails and 6pm for dinner. Bamboo Grove is located at 515 SW Carolina Street, Portland 97239 ( http://www.bghawaiiangrille.com).

Cocktails start at 5:00 pm and dinner will begin at 6:00 pm. Please RSVP to Jeff Yoshida at 503-781-7413 or by email at Jyoshi1797@aol.com before January 19th.

This year’s dues are as follows:

Regular Dues:
~Membership: $50.00
~Hole-In-One Fund: $4.00
~GHIN: $31.00
Total: $85.00
Senior Dues:
~Membership: $30.00
~Hole-In-One Fund: $4.00
~GHIN: $31.00
Total: $65.00

We will be voting on the following positions at this year’s annual banquet; Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you would like to run for any of these positions please contact any of the board members.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the banquet.
Best regards,

Kevin Campbell
ONGC President


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